Dig into history

Maarbu Mountain Lodge is the oldest lodge in this area of Hardangervidda. The Prestegaarden-family have served tourists since 1928, at first as part of the Norwegioan tourist association. Even further, the history of Hardangervidda itself is an interesting field, with traces of humans back to the midle age.

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    The comments in this album is written by today's hostess at Maarbu, the great granddaughter of the original hosts; Marie and Georg.

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    This is my great grandparents, Marie and Georg Prestegaarden. Here they are at Maarbu during the winter, bringing in supplies like wood and building material by viesel and dog sled.

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    My great grandmother Marie was also a milkmade, responsible for the cows that grassed on our terrain during summer. Down in the valley, Georg made sure that the haying was done, ensuring forage for the cows during the winter.

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    Great grandmother Marie spent her summers with the cows at Maarbu until 1986.  Photo: Johan Brun

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    She continued to care for tourists until 1990, and then retired at the age of 85!

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    Great grandmother Marie earned "Hedersknappen" from the Norwegian tourist association after many years of good service.

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    My grandmother Mary, took over the responsibilities on Maarbu after great grandmother Marie. Her and my grandfather Odd also decided to expand the lodge one more time, and the result is how you see Maarbu today.

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    My grandfather Odd, and a reindeer that passed by.

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    Today's generation of "milkmaids", me and my sister Ingrid.

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    Welcome to our summer home!